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Sino-French Collaborating Center for Health Professional Training Inaugurated on 14 July, 2009


On 14 July 2009 the Sino-French Collaborating Center for Health Professional Training was co-inaugurated and an unveiling ceremony was held for its foundation. China Health Minister CHEN Zhu and the French Ambassador to China Hervé LADSOUS attended the unveiling ceremony, together with Director-General of Department of International Cooperation REN Minghui and Director Anne Podeur from General Bureau of Hospitals and Medical Services in France. The new founded center will be managed by the Ministry of Health in China and the Ministry of Health and Sports in France together.

Minister CHEN Zhu pointed out on the unveiling ceremony that to build up the health professional center is at the first place in the signed Declaration of Cooperation Intent in Health Development between China and France. This center is going to act as a facilitator and provide services for the promotion of mutual visits in health and collaboration of senior health executives and professionals of the two countries, and will also attract more technical assistance and funds for the capacity building for health and medical personnel, the Minister said. The foundation of the center and the organization of China-France seminar to discuss various issues facing in health will also play an important role in the ongoing reform in health and medicine of China. The health professional training center will help the implementation of the signed cooperation intent declaration by knowledge and experience learning and exchange in health management personnel cultivation and organizing activities in health related fields. The center marks a new start of development in medical scientific connection and will strengthen the links between two countries’ human resources for health.

The counselor of social affairs from the French Embassy to China, Jean-Louis DURAND-DROUHIN, also attended the ceremony.

After the ceremony, a seminar about China-France health and medical reform was held. Representatives from many Chinese Departments of the Health Ministry such as Departments of Personnel, Health Policy and Regulations, Medical Administration, Medical Services Supervision and Department of International Cooperation attended the seminar, followed a successful mutual talk about health affairs.

The health professional training center’s specific activities will be carried out by Health Human Resources Development Center of the Chinese Ministry of Health. New training activities will be launched in health administration, general practice, evidence-based decision making, hospital management and infectious disease control etc. About 2 thousand health staff in China will be trained in the latter half of 2009. Now the activities about to be undertaken by this center are to select specialists and hospital managers to attend trainings held by universities and institutes in France.


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