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Healthcare Management and Clinical Technology Workshop has been Held in Beijing
  Healthcare Management and Clinical Technology Workshop was held in Beijing from March 22nd-23rd2014. The workshop was hosted by Health Human Resources Development Center of NHFPC of China, and supported by USA John Hopkins Medicine. Over 180 participants from USA John Hopkins Medicine and China large and medium scale health institutions attended the workshop.

Mr. Li Guoqin, Director General of HHRDC addressed at the workshop, and he pointed out that both China and USA are launching the health reform presently, it is very important that both sides strengthen on collaboration and learn from each other. The workshop aims to set up a platform for both sides to discuss and communicate on highlights in the health field, to sustain the long-term collaboration on training for clinical health professionals, hospital administrators and nursing human resources. In 2013, under the guidance of Department of International Cooperation of NHFPC, HHRDC organized 24 participants to attend a three-week training course in USA John Hopkins Medicine as a start of the cooperation between HHRDC and John Hopkins Medicine, which has received good feedback. So far, HHRDC and the JH Medicine is drafting the China-US Human Resources for Health Training Strategy Cooperation Agreement, I hope more advanced HRH Training will be involved in the cooperation frame, which is fundamental for HRH training for both sides.

In the workshop, Director-General from Department of Primary Health of NHPFC and China Food and Drug Administration, Deputy Director General from Department of Planning and Information, Department of Finance, Department of Health System Reform, Department of Communications, Department of International Cooperation, and other advanced health administrators discussed on classification of medical system, healthcare quality management, residency training, physician practice management, information construction, translated medicine and standardized endoscopic treatment management. Three break-out sessions were carried out following the workshop. Peking University First Affiliated Hospital assisted to organize the break-out session on critical care. Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital assisted to organize the session on gynecology. Air Force General Hospital assisted to organize the session on hepatology. Health professionals from China and USA have hada warm discussion on the above mentioned field.

Mr. Li Guoqin (Director General of HHRDC) and Ms. Adrian S. Dobs (Vice-chair of Faclty Development, Department of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine) presented at the workshop

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