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Celebrate World Health Workers Week April 8 – 12
  The Alliance, as part of its strategy for 2013 – 2016, is working in partnership to launch a global HRH movement–Health Workers Count- to increase awareness on health workforce issues and elicit new HRH commitments ahead of the Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health. From April onward - through popular mobilization, advocacy events and media we want everyone to be seeing and hearing about health workers everywhere they turn.
  The theme of the movement for 2013 isHuman resources for Universal Health Coverage. The shared recognition that moving toward UHC depends upon everyone havingaccess to a skilled, motivated, supplied and supported health worker within a robust health systemwill be the foundation of the movement which links to the theme of the Third Global Forum.
  By working closely with members and strategic partners, “Health Workers Count” will seek to:
  Mobilize and encourage decision makers, development partners, donors, civil society, key stakeholders, including the private sector to strengthen financial and technical support for health workers (as part of efforts to move towards UHC)
  Inspire and elicit new and actionableHRH commitmentsfor lasting impact at the 3rd Global Forum on HRH
  Increase local, national and global recognition of the life-saving role of health workers and the need to invest to maintain an active and engaged health workforce
  Celebrate health workers as heroes and honor outstanding national health systems that have a highly satisfied and engaged health workforce
  Ensure appropriate attention to human resources for health within the post 2015 debate
  While a formal launch of the movement will take place in May 2013 during the World Health Assembly, in April we’re asking you to take part in a “soft launch” and join worldwide efforts around World Health Worker Week (8 – 12 April) to support, appreciate and raise awareness of the important role of health workers everywhere.
  World Health Worker Week is an opportunity to mobilize our communities, partners, and policy makers in support of health workers. It is a time to celebrate the amazing work that they do and it is a time to raise awareness of the challenges that they face every day.
  The attached toolkit and other associated material will provide some ideas that can help your organization encourage greater appreciation and support of health workers and show your community that health workers count. The Alliance appreciates everyone’s support in helping disseminate this toolkit and related material, so that many more people around the globe can honor and celebrate a vital workforce
  For more information, please consult at http://www.who.int/workforcealliance/media/news/2013/hww2013/en/index.html
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