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Hearing Aid Acoustician National Occupational Skill Verification Expert Committee was Established
  Hearing aid acoustician is one of the special health occupations set by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security in 2009. With the economic development, better living quality and the universal of audiology professional education, acousticians are increasingly needed by the society, and play more and more important role in the audio rehabilitation. In order to standardize and monitor acoustician qualification verification and other related technical service, also to satisfy demand on occupational skill training, verification and work application, Health Professional Skill Accreditation Monitor Center of MOH established acoustician national professional skill accreditation expert committee in Beijing on May 30th, and organized the first work meeting.
  Members of the Committee are experts from Beijing Union Hospital, Beijing Tongren Hospital, West China(Huaxi) Hospital, China Deaf Child Rehabilitation Research Center, Huadong Normal University, Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine University and other institutions.
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