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Cases on China Health Human Resources Management was Officially Published
  Cases on China Health Human Resources Management was co-organized by HHRDC and Beijing Normal University, and officially published by China Media University in May 2013.
  Human resource is the most important resource, and key issue to promote social advance and career development. So far, under the requirement of national human resource strategy, Chinese government and society pay great attention to human resources. In 2010, National Medium and Long Term Human Resource Development Plan (2010-2020), MOH launched Health and Medical Medium and Long Term Human Resource Development Plan (2011-2020), human resources are reform, creative and development.
  Due to the problems and development in recruitment, training, evaluation, distribution and motivation, researchers and human resource cadres carry out a lot of research and management practice, and get positive achievements. In order to share experience with other experts in the health sector, improve human resource management level, HHRDC and Beijing Normal University compiled Cases on China Health Human Resources Management for employers, HR management and researcher reference.
  The book collected cases on recruitment, training and retention in HR management and other field in HR service. 24 cases in the book include public HR institute Strategic planning, hospital HR management updates, public hospital personnel system reform, health cadre capability evaluation, hospital performance management and motivation, doctor multi-sited license, high level human resource introduction, nurse distribution.
  The book has the following characteristics:
  1. Original. Cases in the book are selected from health institutions, and describe method and problems in HR management in details.
  2. Combine case introduction and expert comment. Case introduction describes employer situation, background, management process in details, expert comment reveals the actual value and expectation of the case.
  3. Expert comment has characteristics. Comment from HR expert is attached to the case.
  HR management is a practical discipline. Employers and human resource have characters in the sector, domestic HR management specially for health sector is few, so the compile and publish of this book has great meanings.
  The book is proper to health cadres in different institutes, specially HR management, researchers and teachers and students in universities.
  For further information, please contact Chen Zhejuan at (8610)-59935374.
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